Since our inception, CRGI has been supplying the world’s automakers and their suppliers with high-quality automotive molded rubber products. These products comprise a wide array of offerings, from seals and trim, to NVH parts, and plugs and sleeves.

Three cornerstones of CRGI’s automotive molded rubber products business are our application expertise, and our program management and support services. These distinctive capabilities comprise a solid foundation that makes CRGI a preferred supply partner for many OEM’s and their suppliers.

CRGI: Marrying Material and Application Expertise

CRGI knows rubber. More importantly, we know how to match rubber materials with specific applications. The industry experience of our automotive experts allows us to recommend the optimal material for a given application, and guide the development and supply of the finished part. Over our 25 year history, CRGI has had the privilege of supplying automotive molded rubber products to many of the world’s leading OEM’s, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Volvo.

Automotive molded rubber products we have supplied to vehicle programs include the following:

CRGI: Program Management and Support Services

To provide a seamless customer experience, CRGI provides a variety of program management and support services to our automotive customers. Value-adding services we offer to our automotive partners include program management, global logistics management, inventory warehouse management to support JIT parts provision, EDI and bar coding, PPAP Level 3 documents and samples, and 2D/3D CAD drawing support.

From concept to finished molded product, CRGI’s team of experienced professionals is ready to work with you. If you have a program or application that requires an automotive molded rubber product, please contact our sales department at


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