Often used in automotive and mass transit vehicles, strainer grommets are designed to “strain” or filter liquids which pass through them, trapping debris and detritus in the process, and preventing it from clogging vehicle components and systems.

A common vehicle application for strainer grommets is the vehicle windshield washer pump assembly. There, a strainer grommet is used to ensure that debris from the washer fluid reservoir does not enter the washer pump, where it may clog. To accomplish this task, the strainer grommet is designed with two parts: a molded flexible rubber base which connects and seals the fluid carrier tube from the reservoir to the washer pump; and a plastic filter section, affixed onto the rubber base, consisting of numerous apertures, 1 mm or smaller in size, which catch any matter present in the washer fluid as it passes through the grommet on its way from the reservoir into the pump. In an alternative design, the strainer grommet may be all-rubber, with the base and the filtering portion of the grommet molded as a single piece (see image).

In this particular application, the strainer grommet also functions as a strain-relief grommet, connecting, anchoring and sealing the carrier tube which feeds the washer pump, while relieving the stresses associated with any flexing and bending that may occur at the point of connection. Larger strainer grommets used in other vehicle systems may be fitted with a fine wire mesh screen to catch any debris present in the fluid which passes through the grommet.

Automotive strainer grommets have the following vehicle applications:

Besides supplying automotive strainer grommets, CRG can supply the following grommet types to any vehicle program:

CRG supplies automotive grommets molded from a wide array of elastomers and other materials. For automotive applications, we can advise on the selection of materials designed to support severe-service conditions and withstand the effects of aging through exposure to the elements and UV light. Choosing the right grommet material is critical for ensuring reliability and durability, thus preventing failure and the need for replacement.

In our 25-plus years of servicing the transportation industry, CRG has supplied grommets to some of the world’s leading automakers, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, and others. In supplying leading automakers and their supply chains, CRG has acquired extensive experience in producing grommets for a wide variety of applications. Examples of grommet applications we have serviced include washer tank pump grommets, fuel pump grommets, firewall grommets, A-pillar grommets, and trunk grommets.

To find out more about the automotive strainer grommets and other grommets which CRG can supply, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.


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