As an essential services supplier, CRG remains open for business during the Covid-19 outbreak to provide our customers with products and services that they have come to depend on us for. Below is an update on the steps we have to taken to support the needs of our customers and our employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How CRG is helping

CRG remains open for business to supply the products which our customers need to ensure their continued operations. CRG’s manufacturing operations are continuing to produce product and fill orders. We have introduced enhanced cleanliness protocols and procedures in our operations, including social distancing for all employees to ensure they remain safe and protected as they carry out operations. We are maintaining our capacity for responsive service, fast order turnaround, and quality production in these challenging times.

“As an essential services supplier ourselves, CRG understands the challenges our customers, employees, supply partners, and community is facing with Covid-19,” says CRG president Kevin Ferguson. “We know our customers are depending on us to provide a vital service that allows them to keep their operations running and serve their customers. Following guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO), we have implemented recommended best practices within our business to ensure the safety of our employees and customers as we continue operations.”

Specific measures we have taken include staggering shift and break times, pausing visits from external parties, adjusting training routines to maintain social distancing, installing additional sanitizer stations, and communicating requirements for hand-washing and sanitizing to all employees. If any employee feels unwell, they must remain at home and call their healthcare provider. All employee travel has been halted, and any employees who have travelled or come into contact with a possibly infected person must self-isolate themselves for 14-days before returning to work.

Customers can still depend on CRG to supply those critical parts and products which they need for their businesses and customers. Whether it is gaskets and seals for critical machinery and equipment, PPE components, medical grade or antimicrobial parts, safety products, or NSF 61-certified parts for water treatment and distribution, CRG stands ready to serve. During this trying time, we wish all our customers to stay healthy and safe, and we look forward to brighter days ahead.


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