The Canada Rubber Group brand began in 1987 with a vision that combined a commitment to quality, expertise, responsiveness and customer-centricity. Today, these values remain at the foundation of who we are and serve to guide us into the future.

A lot has changed since our founding in 1987. The global economy has changed, industries and their needs have changed, and CRG has continually evolved and diversified to offer a superior variety of materials, products, services and capabilities than ever before.

For these reasons, we felt that this was the right time to refresh the CRG brand.  Our new brand remains connected to our roots while embodying who we are today and our direction moving forward.

Our new logo is a clean, precise and bold mark. The letters “CRG” are encapsulated in a continuous flow that represents the materials we work with. The design style is precise and disciplined, representing our design and cutting technologies. The black lettering and transition into red represent our role in transforming materials into useful products for our customers.
crg-logoTHANK YOU
Your trust, support and collaboration is what keeps us going every day. At CRG, we’re continually challenging the status quo, and aiming higher to offer more value. We appreciate our continued relationship and we’re proud to share this newest evolution of our brand with you.

Here’s to our bright future together.

Canada Rubber Group


Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Choosing Your Converting Partner

Converting companies are firms that specialize in combining and transforming raw materials such as rubbers, polyesters, adhesives, silicone, adhesive...

Aggressive Medias & Environments

Gaskets for High Pressure Applications

Typical high presure applications where gaskets are used include presure vesels, pumping equipment, as well as pipework and valve asemblies used in...

Electrical Applications

Parts from Plastic Films

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