CNC routing is a fast and economical way to produce small or large quantities of precisely machined plastic parts. At CRG, we use the latest CNC routing equipment and highly trained staff to precisely machine plastic parts to each customer’s specifications and tolerances. Plastic parts we produce with CNC routing include the following:

Advantages of CNC routing

“CNC” is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control. When producing plastic parts on a CNC router, the entire routing process is carried out under computer control. This offers the following advantages:

CRG supports our customers with the custom CNC routing of plastic parts. Materials we machine include standard plastics such as HDPE, UHMW, UHMPE, Nylon, as well as advanced plastics such as PEEK and others. Applications our parts support include general industrial and automotive, as well as food-grade and medical. All parts are produced in our dedicated manufacturing facility registered to ISO 9001:2105. We practice strict quality assurance procedures and all parts are fully inspected prior to shipment.

If you are seeking machined plastic parts, CRG is your one-stop shop. We are equally adept at processing large or small orders and our experienced staff can help with material selection. Using our custom fabrication services, we can turn your finished parts into assembled and finished parts that are ready to use right away. For further information on the plastic parts we can supply, please contact our sales team at


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