Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is now pleased to be offering custom cut parts from Enlast conveyor belting.

Enlast™ conveyor belting is a set of extremely wear resistant and durable products that provide strong resistance to water, heat, aging and cracking to ensure a longer service life. Enlast™ belting materials also meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA) rating for rubber compounds. They are designed for heavy duty applications where toughness and material resiliency are key requirements.

About Enlast™ Conveyor Belting

Enlast conveyor belting is available in two types: Engineered Structures and Grades I and II.

Engineered Structures belting is a highly durable and flexible SBR rubber sheet. An excellent masticated alternative to standard belting, Enlast Engineered Structures is extremely wear resistant with strong resistance to water, heat, aging and cracking, yielding a longer service life. Enlast Engineered Structures is designed for heavy duty applications. It is commonly used for cut parts in transportation applications where control of air and water through the engine compartment is required for engine efficiency on trucks, trains, trailers, agricultural equipment etc. Additional uses include light conveying applications, agricultural matting and athletic flooring.

Enlast Grades I and II is an economic solution which combines safe and reliable product performance. With Enlast Grades I and II belting, there are many plies, lengths, widths, gauges and compounds to choose from. Enlast Grades I and II belting provides excellent abrasion- and wear-resistance, and meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA) rating for Grade I and Grade II rubber compounds. Enlast Grades I and II belting is designed for heavy duty conveying uses and is commonly used within the forestry, mining, and aggregates industries, including sand and gravel applications.

Cut Parts from Enlast Conveyor Belting

CRGI fabricates cut parts from Enlast conveyor belting to service a variety of applications. Enlast Engineered Structures belting is our preferred choice for lighter-duty applications. For these types of applications, we have fabricated an array of cut parts from Enlast Engineered Structures, including parts for aggregates equipment and machinery, machine skirting, etc.

Where high resistance to wear and abrasion is a key requirement, we use Enlast Grades I and II to manufacture cut parts for these heavier-duty applications, including processing equipment, transportation equipment, and more. Since Enlast Grades I and II belting is available a wide range of plies, gauges and compounds, CRGI is able to select a belting type to produce cut parts that precisely fits each customer`s application requirements.

For both lighter- and heavier-duty applications, Enlast conveyor belting is an excellent material choice that offers superior performance and value to customers. To find out more about how CRGI can produce cut parts from Enlast conveyor belting to service your application needs, please contact our sales department at


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