EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber is a very versatile synthetic rubber compound with a broad range of uses. At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we use EPDM sheet rubber and sponge to fabricate a wide array of parts that service a number of applications. This blog highlights some of the ways that CRGI uses EPDM sheet rubber and sponge to satisfy customer applications and needs.

EPDM Sheet Rubber and Sponge: Properties

An outstanding characteristic of EPDM sheet rubber and sponge is the material’s resistance to ozone, heat, and weathering. These properties make it an excellent material choice for servicing outdoor applications.

EPDM rubber also has excellent electrical insulating properties. This makes the material a good choice for electrical insulating matting in certain applications. EPDM rubber also exhibits good resistance to creep and flow and is a good material choice where these characteristics need to be addressed in end use.

EPDM sheet rubber and sponge exhibits good resistance to ketones, ordinary dilute acids, and alkalies. However, the material is not compatible with most oils, gasoline, kerosene, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents, and concentrated acids. Accordingly, EPDM sheet rubber and sponge should not be used to service applications involving these substances.

Parts from EPDM Sheet Rubber and Sponge

CRGI maintains an extensive inventory of EPDM rolls, in both solid rubber and cellular material. We use EPDM sheet rubber and sponge of varying thickness and hardness to manufacture the following parts:

In addition to fabricating parts from EPDM rubber and sponge, CRGI can supply master rolls of EPDM sheet rubber and cellular material. If you have a bulk sales need or an application that requires a specific part fabricated from EPDM sheet rubber or sponge, CRGI has the experience, inventory, and capability to serve you. Please contact our sales department at crg@canadrubbergroup.com for more information on how we can serve your needs.


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