At CRG, we take environmental stewardship and sustainability seriously. Our company’s Green Team promotes and undertakes a range of initiatives designed to reduce our environmental impact and footprint, while benefitting our customers, employees, community and other stakeholders. In addition to these initiatives, a growing part of our business is manufacturing and supplying fabricated rubber products made for applications where reducing the carbon footprint or environmental impact is a key concern (green applications).

CRG serves the need for green rubber products in two ways:

  1. By fabricating products from green rubber materials. These materials are biodegradable and are made using plant-based materials. Products fabricated from these green rubbers can be used in wide range of applications, including those found in the industrial, automotive, mass transit, energy, and other sectors.
  2. By supplying fabricated rubber products for the green energy and construction industries. Green energy producers require fabricated rubber products for a number of applications, including gaskets and seals, insulation, and more. Similarly, builders of green homes and facilities look to CRG for green rubber products, including trim, weather stripping, window and door seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, flooring and matting, and more.

Fabricated rubber products for green applications: materials

Materials that CRG often uses for producing fabricated rubber products for green applications include the following:

Fabricated rubber products for green applications: end-products

Examples of products that CRG can manufacture from environmentally friendly rubbers includes the following:

If you have an application that calls for products fabricated from environmentally friendly rubbers, CRG will be pleased to review your needs. To find out more about the fabricated rubber products for green applications that we can supply, please contact our sales team at


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