Customers coming to CRG are often seeking a one-of-a-kind solution. These customers are looking for that special part or component custom cut or fabricated from a variety of flexible materials, including elastomersfoams and spongesplasticsfilmsfoilsnon-wovenscorks and felts, and more. By combining our extensive knowledge of flexible materials with advanced production technologies, CRG is able to produce custom cut and fabricated parts that will service almost any application.

What is Custom Converting and Fabrication?

Custom converting and fabrication involves using a variety of production methods and techniques to transform flexible materials into finished end-use parts. Using custom converting and fabrication, almost any shape can be formed from flexible materials. Depending upon the application, a material can be chosen that will support the application requirements. Where required, materials can be combined to produce a substrate that will fully satisfy the application demands.

With the wide range of flexible materials now on the market, materials which offer fire protection, UV resistance, conductivity, or other special characteristics, are now readily available to support specialized applications.

How Can Custom Converting and Fabrication Help You?

Custom converting and fabrication services can add value in the following situations:

Custom Converting and Fabrication from CRG

CRG is a full-service converter and fabricator of flexible materials. Custom converting and fabrication capabilities that CRG can offer includes the following:

…and more.

CRG provides custom converting and fabrication services to the general industrial, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, medical, and other markets, as well as serving as a key supplier to a number of OEMs. We maintain an extensive inventory of a wide range of flexible materials and employ the latest production technologies in our ISO 9001-certified facility.

If you have a need for parts from flexible materials produced by custom converting and fabrication, consider CRG as your source of supply. To find out more about how we can service your needs, please contact our sales team directly at


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