Insulation blankets are used to insulate vehicle engine parts, exhaust components, and industrial process piping and machinery. In particular, applications which involve the use of diesel engines, such as power generation and on- and off-road vehicles, require these blankets to manage the high heat which these engines generate.

CRG can supply custom fabricated removable and reusable insulation blankets that are specifically designed to fit manifolds, outlets, pipe sections, etc. These insulation blankets effectively contain heat and protect surrounding components and fixtures from the destructive effects of radiated heat.

In automotive and industrial applications, insulation blankets are a preferred alternative to metal heat shields. In automotive applications, insulation blankets can be designed and fabricated to precisely fit engine components and the lighter weight of an insulation blanket enhances vehicle fuel efficiency.

Applications which we can service with insulation blankets include those in the following industries:

Insulation blankets supplied by CRG are fabricated from a variety of heat-resistant materials. The specific choice of a material for a particular application involves a number of considerations, including maximum temperature, operating conditions, and the geometry of the part or component being insulated. Materials that we can supply include the following:

High-temperature ceramic cloths and fabrics. Insulation blankets made from ceramic cloths can service temperatures up to 1260°C (1800°F). Blankets using ceramic cloths with nickel-chrome have high heat dispersion and good resistance to acids, solvents, and ultraviolet rays.

Silica-based textiles and cloths for high-heat applications. Silica-based cloths are an excellent choice where flexibility and resistance to high temperatures are desired. We can supply insulation blankets made from aluminized silica cloth which offers good chemical resistance.

High temperature fiberglass. Insulation blankets made from fiberglass fibers and reinforced with nickel-chrome are especially designed for high-heat applications. We can also supply insulation blankets made from E-Glass, a 100 percent inorganic, sterile, and non-combustible cloth especially developed for high temperature and electrical insulation applications.

CRG insulation blankets can be custom fabricated ensure a precise fit for your application. Typically, blankets consist of three layers: an outer protective layer, usually made from fiberglass; a middle layer; and an inner layer. Blankets can be secured with a variety of fastening methods, making for easy removal and reuse. Fastening options include straps, studs, Velcro, or lacing wire.

To find out more about how CRG can address your insulating needs with insulation blankets, please contact our sales department at


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