At CRG, we specialize in converting raw materials into the finished parts our customers need. Every part that CRG manufactures is customized to meet each customer’s design requirements and specifications. In this blog we look at CRG’s process for working with customers, together with the applications we service and the materials we convert into finished parts.

How CRG works with customers

When working with customers to manufacture a finished part, CRG’s process usually consists of the following steps:

Applications and materials

Customers come to CRG seeking parts for both new and existing products and applications. Our converting capabilities allow us to manufacture or fabricate parts that address a variety of challenges in industrial, automotive/mass transit, and commercial applications, including sealing and leak prevention, vibration and noise damping, insulating, EMI/RFI shielding, thermal and pressure management as well as aggressive media, surface protection, etc.

To produce finished parts, CRG often works with the following materials:

If you are seeking converting services to produce a part for a new or existing product, CRG is your preferred supply partner. To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact our sales team at


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