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Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Parts

Abrasion-resistant rubbers are especially formulated to withstand the extra wear and tear that results from mechanical abrasion Unlike standard compounds,...


Kiss Cut and Kiss Slit Parts

Kis cutting and kis slitting are high-speed methods for making “easy-to-peel” adhesive-backed custom cut parts Kis cutting and slitting leaves...

Automotive & OEM

Fabricated Rubber Products for Green Applications

At CRG, we take environmental stewardship and sustainability seriously Our company’s Green Team promotes and undertakes a range of initiatives designed...

Automotive & OEM

Glass Protection Pads from CRG

CRG can custom fabricate glas protection pads (also known as glas transit, separator, or shipping pads) to protect architectural or residential glas,...

Sealing Solutions

Fabric Reinforced Gaskets

Fabric reinforced gaskets (sometimes called cloth inserted gaskets) can provide additional mechanical stability and reduced creep/relaxation in sealing...

Custom Fabrication

Custom CNC Routing of Plastic Parts from CRG

CNC routing is a fast and economical way to produce small or large quantities of precisely machined plastic parts At CRG, we use the latest CNC routing...

Damping Applications

Gaskets for Damping Vibration

While the primary function of a gasket is to create and maintain a tight seal, gaskets can do more than that – they can also dampen and reduce sound and...

Foam & Sponge

Closed Cell Sponge Gaskets

Closed cell sponge gaskets are used to prevent the flow of fluids and gases either into or out of an application While closed cell sponge is an excellent...

Custom Fabrication

Machined Plastic Parts: Design Considerations

When designing a part that will be produced by machining, careful consideration needs to be given to the application to ensure that all the performance...

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