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Aggressive Medias & Environments

Gaskets and Seals for Steam and Superheated Steam Service

Sealing applications that involve steam require a careful consideration of the gasket material that will be chosen Steam service applications can be t...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Choosing Your Converting Partner

Converting companies are firms that specialize in combining and transforming raw materials such as rubbers, polyesters, adhesives, silicone, adhes...

Aggressive Medias & Environments

Gaskets for High Pressure Applications

Typical high pressure applications where gaskets are used include pressure vessels, pumping equipment, as well as pipework and valve assemblies used i...

Electrical Applications

Parts from Plastic Films

While converting elastomers into finished products and parts is an important part of the CRG business, a significant number of customers depend on CRG...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

CRG Converting: Kitting and Assembly Services

An important part of CRG’s converting operations is providing customers with kitting and assembly services In this blog, we look at how kitting and ...

Food & Sanitary Applications

PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shield PPE from Canada Rubber Group

We are proud to join the fight in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other contagions through our PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shield product line We...

Automotive Solutions

Foam and Sponge Parts

Foam and sponge are extremely versatile materials which make them extremely useful for producing parts to service a wide range of applications In this...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Making Stuff: CRG Custom Converting Services

At CRG, we specialize in converting raw materials into the finished parts our customers need Every part that CRG manufactures is customized to meet ea...

Automotive Solutions

Suppressing Noise with Fabricated Adhesive Materials

Automotive and appliance manufacturers alike are looking for ways to satisfy consumer demands for sleeker, quieter, products Using fabricated adhesive...

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