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Automotive Solutions

Battery Pack Seals for Electric Vehicles

Many automakers have announced that they will electrify their vehicle platforms and portfolios over the coming years With this move towards increased ...

Automotive Solutions

Parts Manufacture for Electric Vehicles

With our extensive experience in supplying many of the world’s leading automakers with flexible parts for their vehicle programs, CRG is well positi...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Rubber Deflector Strips and Cutting Edges for Snow Plows

Since our inception, municipalities and contractors alike have relied on CRG for rubber deflector strips and cutting edges for their snow plow fleets ...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Gaskets and Parts from MicroPore® M-15 Material

MicroPore® M-15 non-asbestos gasket material is a material that CRG uses to produce gaskets and parts that are used in heavy-duty applications, such ...

Automotive Solutions

Gaskets for Extreme Temperature Applications

Applications involving extreme temperatures are challenging for many gasket materials In high temperature applications, non-graphite gasket materials...

Aggressive Medias & Environments

Sealing Aggressive Chemicals

Aggressive chemicals, such as strong acids and caustics, can eat through some gasket materials, causing leaks which can be hazardous to health and saf...

Aggressive Medias & Environments

Gaskets and Seals for Steam and Superheated Steam Service

Sealing applications that involve steam require a careful consideration of the gasket material that will be chosen Steam service applications can be t...

Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Choosing Your Converting Partner

Converting companies are firms that specialize in combining and transforming raw materials such as rubbers, polyesters, adhesives, silicone, adhes...

Aggressive Medias & Environments

Gaskets for High Pressure Applications

Typical high pressure applications where gaskets are used include pressure vessels, pumping equipment, as well as pipework and valve assemblies used i...

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