We are proud to join the fight in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other contagions through our PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shield product line. We respect and appreciate the efforts of frontline workers and everybody who is taking extra precautions to work together to overcome this situation.

PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields are available in two models
PROTECTOR SERIES Standard Model – This is the most popular choice for non-healthcare environments. It features a washable, reusable headband and adjustable strap, along with a basic visor design.

PROTECTOR SERIES Healthcare Model – This model has everything the Standard Model has to offer, plus a visor design which includes a top cover for added protection from above the user’s head.

You can see both of our Protector™ Series Face Shield models here.

Making PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields a part of your organization’s back-to-work plan
As companies and teams head back to work, a strong focus on employee and customer safety will be part of the new “normal”. This will include new hygiene habits and stations, spacing of work areas, and of course PPE such as Face Shields.

Are PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields right for you?
PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields are lightweight, reusable and designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as:
– Grocers and Food Supply
– Health and other Care Facilities
– Public Transportation
– Police, Fire and other First Responders
– Office Environments
– Education Institutions
– Industrial Environments
– Retail, Commercial and Hospitality
– Malls, Parks and Public Spaces
– Seaports and Airports
– And more!

Where can I buy PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields and Replacement Visors?
PROTECTOR SERIES Face Shields and replacement visors can be purchased directly through the manufacturer Canada Rubber Group (CRG). View this product line and our contact information here.


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