A question often asked is, which is better for my pump sealing application, compression packing (also known as pump packing) or mechanical seals? This blog highlights the pros and cons of each sealing option and offers guidance for making the right choice for your application.

When compression packing makes sense

For many rotating equipment applications, compression packing is still the preferred sealing choice. Packing comes at a lower acquisition cost than mechanical seals and requires fairly simple maintenance, although maintenance interventions can be more frequent. Some other advantages of compression packing are the following:

When mechanical seals make sense

Mechanical seals should always be used on pumping equipment when the media being pumped constitutes a safety, health or environmental hazard. Compared to compression packing, a mechanical seal (or double mechanical seal) can provide a leak- and emission-free seal. Some other advantages of mechanical seals are the following:

Choosing compression packing or mechanical seals for a specific pump sealing application will depend upon a careful consideration of the above factors. No matter which sealing option you choose, CRG can help. We can supply CNC-cut mechanical seals that will service most pumping applications, and we maintain a full range of Teadit quality compression packing in stock at all times. To find out how we can service your needs for compression packing or mechanical seals, please contact our sales team directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.


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