Equipment placed into severe service applications can undergo significant deterioration due to the increased wear and tear encountered. As an example, pumps, concrete mixers, and reactors are all faced with the accelerated wear and tear that results from handling abrasive fluids and aggressive chemicals. Sealing systems for these types of equipment need to be carefully chosen to mitigate these effects, thereby ensuring long equipment life and reducing the costs associated with unplanned downtime.

CRG is now offering the Teadit ECO-SEAL sealing system for rotary equipment placed into severe service applications where effective seals for abrasive and aggressive media are required. The ECO-SEAL sealing system adds new benefits to traditional compression packing sets by increasing the performance of the packing, reducing the cost of the system, and helping to preserve the environment.

The ECO-SEAL can be used in a variety of equipment, including pumps, concrete mixers, reactors – indeed any rotary equipment in severe service where seals for abrasive and aggressive media are a de facto requirement.

Developed to work in the conventional stuffing box with compression packings, the ECO-SEAL is comprised of four rings of PTFE made from special polymers that exhibit a very low coefficient of friction, thereby creating a barrier between the process flow and the environment. Benefits of using the ECO-SEAL include the following:

All the benefits of ECO-SEAL are due to the expansion of the sealing rings that takes place during the compression of the device. The expansion promotes an effective seal at the bottom of the stuffing box by eliminating the ability of Process Fluids to enter the stuffing box. This protects the packing and the process.

For more information on the Teadit ECO-SEAL and other seals for abrasive and aggressive media, please contact our sales department at


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