Aggressive chemicals, such as strong acids and caustics, can eat through some gasket materials, causing leaks which can be hazardous to health and safety. Besides depositions of the leaked materials, leaked chemicals can also vapourize, releasing hazardous fumes and toxins into the surrounding atmosphere.

Selecting gasket materials for sealing aggressive chemicals

Chemical compounds usually classified as aggressive include the following:

When choosing gaskets for sealing aggressive chemicals, it is critical to match the gasket material to the chemical compound being sealed. A material which seals one aggressive chemical effectively may not necessarily work as well when used with a different compound. Experienced and reputable gasket manufacturers will be able to give guidance on what material works best against a given type of compound.

Applications that involve the aggressive chemicals noted above include those often found in industrial and resource-based processes. Equipment that requires gaskets and seals resistant to aggressive chemicals includes pumps, mixers, instrumentation, filling systems, valves and pipework, etc. For these uses, it is important to consider the following points when selecting gaskets for sealing aggressive chemicals:

Gaskets for sealing aggressive chemicals

At CRG, when we are fabricating gaskets and seals for aggressive chemical applications, we often use the following elastomeric materials:

CRG can help guide customers on which materials are appropriate for a given application, depending upon the chemicals being used and their fluid rating against various elastomers. When multiple chemicals are being used in an application, the chemical with the most aggressive fluid rating should be used to evaluate the appropriate material to select. Irrespective of whichever material is selected, a good rule to follow when sealing aggressive chemicals is to limit each gasket to a single use. Reusing gaskets to save costs is inadvisable due to the risks of failure and serious injury to personnel. In aggressive chemical applications, all used gaskets should be safely destroyed immediately after use to prevent any inadvertent reuse.

CRG can supply a wide range of custom-cut gaskets for sealing aggressive chemicals. All gaskets we make are produced using the latest CNC technology in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. We offer responsive service and high quality, and no order is too large or small for us to produce. To find out more about the gaskets for sealing aggressive chemicals that CRG can supply, please contact our sales team at


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