Gaskets and seals used in food production processes and equipment have to meet strict requirements for purity. In addition, food-grade gaskets and seals must service challenging process conditions, while resisting attack and degradation from chemicals and other substances with which they may come into contact. Due to the nature of food applications, a key challenge is selecting the right sealing material for the job.

Gaskets and Seals for Food Applications: Key Challenges

In selecting an appropriate for sealing material for a food application, the following considerations are key:

Gaskets and Seals for Food Applications: Material Guide

Selecting gaskets and seals for food applications can involve examining a wide range of materials. The following list highlights materials that CRG often uses to produce gaskets and seals for food applications. For guidance on selecting a material suitable for your specific application, please contact CRG directly.

CRG can produce gaskets and seals for food applications from the above materials, as well as others that we have in our material portfolio. Our sales specialists will be pleased to review your application and provide guidance on selecting the most appropriate material. All gaskets and seals CRG produces are custom fabricated using the latest CNC production equipment in our ISO 9001-certified facility. To find out more about CRG gaskets and seals for food applications, please contact our sales team at


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