This month’s blog posts will feature a detailed focus on some of the silicone rubber materials and products supplied by Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI). For over 25 years, CRGI has been creating custom products from silicone rubber and other materials to serve a wide variety of applications and needs. This lead blog will present a brief overview of the key silicone materials and products we can supply.

Silicone rubber has properties which make it a material of choice to use in industrial, medical and food-grade applications. Silicone rubber is an inert material and exhibits superior resistance to water, chemicals and oils, and extreme temperature ranges. In addition, anti-microbial silicones are available which makes this material a preferred choice in food processing and medical applications.

Silicone Rubber Materials

CRGI stocks a wide portfolio of silicone rubber materials from which we fashion a variety of products. Silicone rubbers we stock include the following:

Silicone Rubber Products

From the above materials, CRGI can fabricate an array of silicone rubber products which service diverse applications, including the following:

Gaskets and seals. We can supply a wide range of gaskets and seals for industrial applications. In addition, we can fabricate gaskets and seals from anti-microbial and metal detectable silicones for food grade and medical applications.

Sleeves. Thermal shielding silicone sleeves for high temperature applications, including anti-microbial sleeves for food grade and medical applications.

Tubing. Silicone tubing for both industrial and food service/medical applications.

Stripping and insulation. Fabricated from silicone sheet or sponge, stripping and insulation for industrial and automotive applications.

NVH products. Products from silicone sheet or sponge for reducing noise, vibration and harshness in industrial and automotive applications.

Die and CNC cut parts. Using our die or CNC cutting technologies, we can prototype and fabricate a variety of parts from silicone sheet and sponge.

Custom fabricated products. Our fabrication specialists can custom produce products from silicone sheet and sponge that satisfy almost any application.

Silicone sponge extrusions. Silicone extrusions are closed cell silicone lengths that can be extruded into a range of shapes. These extrusions have many application benefits, and can be used for thermal insulation, vibration damping, sealing flexibility, insulation, noise reduction and thermal shielding.

Silicone rubber solid extrusions. Extrusions we can supply include tubing, cord, profiles, and sections. Extrusions can be produced from silicone rubber in Shore A hardness from 40-80, and available in translucent, white, red, or black colours. Extrusions can be fabricated from FDA-approved materials, and available in low smoke, low toxicity (LCH) and flame retardant (FR) styles.

For more information on any of the silicone rubber products which CRGI can supply, please contact our sales department directly at


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