Increasingly, commercial snow plowing contracts are prohibiting the use of steel cutting edges on plow blades. Steel cutting edges can damage the surfaces of roads, parking lots, driveways, etc. , and for this reason many property managers and commercial contractors are specifying that steel cutting edges cannot be used in plowing operations.

Given the decreasing appetite for steel cutting edges in the marketplace, an alternative cutting edge material for plow operators to consider using is a rubber cutting edge. To this end, Canada Rubber Group (CRG) is supplying snow plow cutting edges made from a specially formulated rubber compound.

Snow Plow Rubber Cutting Edges from CRG

Snow plow rubber cutting edges from CRG have many advantages. These cutting edges are flexible, tough, and quiet. The flexibility of a rubber cutting edge allows it to conform to surface irregularities, resulting in the removal of more snow per scrape. At same time, a rubber cutting edge is much more forgiving than a steel edge, meaning it will not gouge or damage expensive paved surfaces, or raised reflective highway markers, for example.

Snow plow rubber cutting edges also provide a “squeegee” action on road surfaces, removing accumulated slush and moisture and drying out the road surface more effectively than a steel cutting edge. This results in a drier plowed surface, with less moisture remaining on the surface which could subsequently freeze.

CRG snow plow rubber cutting edges are designed to fit on the types of equipment that use a steel cutting edge, including straight plows, v-plows, jeep-type plows, under-mounted plows and scraper blades. Mounting of a CRG rubber cutting edge is quick and easy using the slots provided.

CRG snow plow rubber cutting edges perform well on a variety of surfaces, including highways, streets, parking lots, airport runways, and even walkways . Made from a specially formulated rubber compound, these rubber cutting edges have a high tensile strength of 2,500 psi minimum, a tear resistance of 504 ppi , and will service operating temperatures down to -40°C without becoming brittle. Our rubber cutting edges are available in three widths:

Plow operators can enjoy lower maintenance costs by using a CRG rubber cutting edge. Unlike steel cutting edges, our rubber edges are much less prone to damage such as chipping, fracturing, breaking or cracking. Rubber cutting edges also absorb shocks better than steel edges, resulting in a smoother cab ride for the plow operator.

In addition to supplying snow plow rubber cutting edges, CRG can also supply snow plow blade deflector strips. Our deflector strips are manufactured from heavy duty rubber belting that is designed to withstand the rigours of a plowing season. CRG deflector strips are extremely durable and will maintain their flexibility in cold weather without cracking or becoming brittle. All deflector strips we supply are manufactured to individual customer requirements and can be customized to any blade size or configuration. If required, deflector strips can be custom imprinted with company names and logos.

To find out more about CRG snow plow rubber cutting edges or deflector strips, please contact our sales department at


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