Automotive and appliance manufacturers alike are looking for ways to satisfy consumer demands for sleeker, quieter, products. Using fabricated adhesive materials in these types of applications can help designers and manufacturers to achieve this goal.

Fabricated adhesive materials

Fabricated adhesive materials are materials supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing that allows them to stick to surfaces. Different types of adhesives are available to service a range of operating conditions, including temperature extremes, moisture, etc. These materials can be supplied in sheet or roll form, or cut into fully finished parts. The adhesive is activated by removing a peel-away liner, exposing the adhesive surface, and allowing the material or part to be pressed into position within the application.

CRG can supply a range of fabricated adhesive materials designed to suppress noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Typical materials we employ for this use include elastomers, closed and open cell foams and sponges, non-wovens, and plastics. As noted above, these materials can be supplied in roll or sheet form, or converted into fully finished parts, all with adhesive backing already applied.

Fabricated adhesive materials for suppressing noise, vibration and harshness

At CRG, the fabricated adhesive materials and parts we supply for suppressing NVH can be categorized into two broad groups:

Materials and parts for shock absorption and vibration damping are designed to absorb shocks and suppress vibrations arising from with a vehicle chassis, appliance frame, room construction, or other major systems.

Materials and parts for soundproofing and sealing are designed to block the transmission of sound waves. In some types of applications, such as sealing materials or parts for windows and doors, these products also provide protection against the entry of moisture, drafts, dust and dirt.

For both types of uses, CRG can also supply materials or finished parts which meet regulatory requirements for low flame, smoke and toxicity (FST), an important consideration in automotive, mass transit, and commercial applications.

Because noise is a product of vibration, fabricated adhesive materials and parts are also used to suppress vibration at its source, preventing the emission of sound waves. For example, a leading OEM in the luxury car segment turned to CRG for an NVH part designed to eliminate the cabin noise resulting from the vibration of the windshield washer fluid reservoir bottle within its holder, located under the hood of the vehicle.

If you have an application which could benefit from fabricated adhesive materials or parts, CRG will be pleased to review your application and propose a solution. Our extensive manufacturing and supply capabilities, coupled with our wide array of performance materials, allow us to address most application challenges. With over 30-years’ experience in servicing industrial and commercial customers, as well as the vehicle programs of the world’s leading automakers, CRG has the experience and expertise you need when it comes to fabricated adhesive materials. To find out more about how we can meet your challenges, please contact our sales team at


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