Severe service applications are those where equipment parts and components are subjected to abrasion, cutting, impact, and other forms of heightened wear and tear. Rubber parts installed on equipment used in these applications must be fabricated from materials especially formulated to withstand the high frictional forces and resulting wear.

Abrasion resistance is the ability of a rubber compound to resist mechanical action, such as rubbing or scraping, that tends to progressively wear, abrade and erode the material. Abrasion resistant rubbers differ from standard rubber compounds in that they are specifically formulated to resist the wear and tear resulting from mechanical abrasion. Parts fabricated from abrasion resistant rubbers are especially designed for severe service-type applications where accelerated wearing of the material could be an issue.

Rubber parts fabricated from standard elastomers will tend to experience accelerated wear in abrasive applications, leading to more frequent part replacement. The high frictional forces in these applications will not only wear the rubber, but eventually cause ridges or cracks to appear, which are the precursors to outright failure. Parts fabricated from abrasion resistant rubbers will have a much greater resistance to these forces, resulting in longer part life and failure-free operation.

At CRG, we specialize in the custom fabrication of abrasion resistant rubber parts. These parts are made from elastomeric materials especially formulated to resist high wear stresses, and each part is custom manufactured to each customer’s requirements.

CRG abrasion resistant rubber parts: materials

CRG uses a number of materials to produce abrasion resistant rubber parts. These materials include the following:

Using the above materials, CRG produces a number of abrasion resistant rubber parts, including:

CRG is your preferred source of supply if you are seeking abrasion resistant rubber parts. From product development, to prototyping and production we have the materials and the experience to produce the part you need. All abrasion resistant rubber parts we supply are custom fabricated using the latest technology in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. For more information on abrasion resistant rubber parts from CRG, please contact our sales department at


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