Vibration and noise are an increasing problem in today’s world. As industrial development advances globally, the increasing prevalence of machinery, equipment, automobiles and other means of transport, results in increasing exposure to vibrations and noise. Now, latest-generation materials for vibration isolation and sound control are available which enable greater productivity from machinery and equipment, while enhancing people’s quality of life.

Noise is a by-product of vibration. Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon where parts of a fluid or rigid/elastic solid oscillate about an equilibrium point. The oscillations of a vibrating solid create pressure waves which may cause changes in tendons, muscles, bones and joints, giving rise to physical injury upon prolonged exposure. Vibrating objects can also cause the surrounding air to vibrate, forming sound waves which are then perceived as noise. Because of the real health effects which result from vibration and noise, isolating vibrations and controlling the resulting noise is a major challenge.

CRG is pleased to introduce five latest generation materials for vibration isolation and sound control into our product portfolio. These advanced materials are Sylomer®, Sylodyn®, Sylodyn®GC, Isotop®, and Sylodamp®, developed and manufactured by Getzner in Burs, Austria. Getzner is a leading international manufacturer that specializes in the production of polyurethane materials for vibration isolation and sound control.

Using Sylomer®, Sylodyn®, Sylodyn®GC , Isotop®, and Sylodamp®, CRG can fabricate shapes and parts for a variety of end-use applications. Key application areas for these end-use parts include the following:

Sylomer® is one of the leading materials in the vibration isolation market. Sylomer® is an elastic and versatile polyurethane material with a mixed-cell pore structure. The material offers a combination of spring and damping characteristics. Applications that can be serviced with products fabricated from Sylomer® include the following:

Sylodyn® is a closed-cell elastomer with pronounced spring characteristics that does not absorb water. In comparison to Sylomer®, the material offers improved dynamic properties and is suitable for very high loads. Five different grades of Sylodyn® are available from stock. Applications that can be serviced with products fabricated from Sylodyn® include the following:

Sylodyn®GC is a closed cell polyurethane gasket material that has UL94 and UL50E listings.  Sylodyn®GC provides unmatched durability, adhesion and strength. It offers uncompromised resistance against the elements as well as chemicals, significantly lessening the need for replacement.  Sealing applications that can be serviced with products fabricated from Sylodyn® GC series include the following:

Isotop® material from Getzner is particularly suited for servicing low-frequency applications. Products made from Isotop® are mainly used for low-frequency mounting of HVAC systems, CHP plants, refrigerating machines, cooling towers, air-handling units, ventilators and pumps. Depending on the calculated load, these products have a natural frequency (resonance frequency) of up to 3.0 Hz and therefore significantly minimize vibrations.

Sylodamp® offers impressive impact insulation. This elastic polyurethane material with a mixed-cell pore structure has high energy absorption capacity and long service life. It is a preferred material to use when fabricating machine bearings, bearings for air-handling units, floating floors, products for the decoupling of electronic products, and protectors.

In future blogs we will be examining in detail specific application areas and products that CRG can service with these fine Getzner materials. If you have an application that could benefit from these advanced materials for vibration isolation and sound control, CRG will be pleased to discuss your needs. For further information on how we can assist, please contact our sales department at


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