Automotive pedal pads are a critical item for the safe operation of any vehicle. Made from molded rubber, automotive pedal pads provide the contact surface that allows vehicle operators to safely operate the foot pedals. A well-designed and properly manufactured automotive pedal pad will provide safe, reliable functioning over the life of most vehicles.

Pedal pads: what to look for

There are a few critical things to consider when sourcing an automotive pedal pad. First of all, it is important to specify a rubber compound that is durable, wear-resistant and possesses non-slip properties. EPDM and SBR rubber are two compounds that possess these qualities and are preferred rubber compounds for most automotive pedal pad requirements.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) supplies automotive pedal pads that conform to the following SAE J200 material designations:

The AA material designation supports pedal pads for which a blend of compounds is desired.

A second consideration is to ensure that the supplied pedal pads will mount securely onto the vehicle pedal and remain securely in place once installed. An automotive pedal pad can be considered to be essentially a cover for the vehicle pedal. Many OEM pedals are designed with a steel plate to which the pedal pad attaches. It is critical that a supplied pad attaches securely, and that the pad can be mounted onto the pedal without the rubber backing which holds the pad in place tearing or unduly stretching.

CRGI has extensive experience in supplying automotive OEM’s and Tier 1-3 suppliers with automotive pedal pads. All products are supplied under our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and we are well-versed in meeting ASTM D2000 line call-outs and SAE J200 material designations, as well as the material specifications of major automakers. For further information on CRGI automotive pedal pads, or any other automotive rubber products we can supply, please contact our automotive sales manager, Paul Carey, at


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