For more than 25 years, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has supplied automotive OEM’s and their supply chains with high performance automotive rubber parts. From gaskets and seals, to stripping, molding, sleeves, grommets, plugs and more, CRGI is a trusted and reliable source of supply.

This blog highlights the product categories, materials, capabilities, and services which CRGI provides to our automotive partners. For more details on the product solutions which CRGI can provide, please visit our Automotive & OEM Solutions page.

CRGI Automotive Rubber Parts: Products, Applications and Materials

We fabricate a variety of automotive parts from rubber, sponge, and other materials. Applications which CRGI can service with automotive rubber parts include the following:

CRGI Automotive Rubber Parts: Capabilities and Services

CRGI is a growth-oriented supplier that is technologically advanced and teamwork driven. We work with our automotive supply chain partners to provide cost-effective, high quality products.

We understand the importance of value-add in the provision of automotive rubber parts. All aspects of our operations conform to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and we have a proven capability in supplying products which meet ASTM D2000 line call-outs, as well as the material specifications of major automakers, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Volvo.

Our entire value chain is designed to provide a seamless customer experience while adding value every step of the way. Value-adding services we offer to our automotive partners include program management, global logistics management, inventory warehouse management to support JIT parts provision, EDI and bar coding, and PPAP and 2D/3D CAD drawing support.

If you are looking to partner with a reliable supplier of automotive rubber parts, CRGI is your partner of choice. To find out more about the automotive rubber parts and services we can supply, please contact our sales department at


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