At CRG, we use a wide range of elastomers to manufacture gaskets and other custom fabricated products for our customers. While we always use high-quality elastomers supplied by leading material providers, these materials do vary in cost. These variances are attributable to a number of factors, including:

In selecting a gasket material, primary consideration should always be given to a material’s ability to service the application needs, with cost being a secondary consideration. Given that any two materials can service an application equally well, it then makes sense to choose the less expensive material. However, fitness for purpose should never be traded-off for cost savings when selecting gasket materials.

While market rates for gasket materials do exhibit fluctuation from time to time, the following may be used for general guidance on the relative costs of commonly used elastomers, with materials ranked from the more expensive to the less expensive:

AT CRG, we maintain an extensive inventory of elastomers and other gasket materials. Through our global supply chain, we partner with leading producers to offer our customers the widest selection and grades of materials possible. If you are sourcing gasket materials, or finished gaskets and custom fabricated products, contact our sales department at to find out how we can service your needs.


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