CRG maintains a key expertise in supplying custom molded automotive parts to OEM’s and Tier 1-3 suppliers. This expertise allows us to supply our automotive customers with molded parts made from elastomers and plastics which meet the complex challenges of vehicle applications.

What types of custom molded automotive parts does CRG supply?

CRG supplies functional and decorative plastic and rubber parts. All the molded parts we supply conform to customer requirements, specifications, and development and program schedules. Examples of molded products we can supply include:

What types of materials does CRG use to supply custom molded automotive parts?

CRG supplies custom molded automotive parts made from a variety of elastomers and plastics. Materials we use include the following:

What molding processes are used by CRG to supply parts?

Molded parts supplied by CRG are produced by one of three molding processes:

CRG can also perform secondary operations such as splicing, bonding, etc. as needed to produce the finished part. In every project, we work closely with our customer to ensure that the optimal process is chosen that meets the requirements for mold and process capability, quality, and manufacturability, as well as customer-specified objectives and cost requirements.

How does CRG work with customers to supply custom molded parts?

CRG works with customers early in a project to assist with part design and material selection. Parts and components are developed to meet all quality standards according to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). CRG adheres to recognized quality standards, such as ISO 9001:2015, to ensure reliable and consistent part quality, while our efficient processes ensure commitment to 100 percent on-time delivery, whether utilizing demand-pull replenishment or JIT scheduling.

CRG has a proven capability in supplying molded parts which meet ASTM D2000 line call-outs, as well as the material specifications of major OEM’s, including those of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. In those cases where a new specification is required, we work with our supply chain partners to develop an appropriate solution that meets or exceeds all requirements. To find out more about the custom molded automotive parts which CRG can supply, please contact our sales department at


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