Microcellular urethane (Poron®) is a closed cell urethane foam. The special properties of microcellular urethane foam make it a desirable material from which to manufacture parts with a variety of uses. CRG offers custom parts from microcellular urethane foam that service an array of applications. This blog highlights the properties and characteristics of microcellular urethane foam, as well the custom manufactured parts which CRG can provide.

Microcellular urethane is a soft, pliable foam material with excellent resistance to compression set. Specific characteristics of microcellular urethane include the following:

Due to its inherent characteristics, microcellular urethane foam is a good material choice for applications and end-uses which require gasketing, sealing, cushioning, dampening, and impact protection. Applications that can use custom parts from microcellular urethane foam include those in the automotive, communications, and electronics industries, as well uses in industrial equipment.

Applications that CRG can service with custom parts from microcellular urethane foam include the following:

Depending upon the specific application and end use. CRG can select different grades of microcellular urethane foam in a variety of formulations and thicknesses. Formulations vary in the rigidity of the material, the closed cell density, and the material thickness. Formulations are available to support applications where the following specific properties are needed:

Custom parts from microcellular urethane foam that CRG produces are made on the latest production technology, using proven fabrication techniques. We can handle part orders of any size and can help guide your material selection and choice. If you have an application which would benefit from custom parts from microcellular urethane foam, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com for further information on how we can assist you.


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