Parts and components made from rubbers, plastics and other specialty materials are an integral part of many products. Products from cell phones to washing machines use parts and components made from these materials fulfill a variety of functions, including sealing, damping, shielding, protecting, etc. The special properties and characteristics of these substrates makes them a preferred choice for carrying out these functions.

At CRG, we specialize in working with product OEM’s to create and fabricate parts and components from rubbers, plastics and other specialty materials. In every case we work closely with the OEM to ensure that the optimal materials are selected for the application, that cost and delivery targets are met, and that the desired quality, specifications and tolerances are realized in production

CRG cut and fabricated rubber parts

CRG maintains a wide portfolio of rubber materials from which we can custom cut or fabricate parts and components. Our extensive inventory of materials and fabrication capabilities allow us to service almost any application need, from high-wear/abrasive applications involving large machinery and equipment, to those which require small, precision-cut parts for hand-held devices and such.

Some examples of product applications which we have serviced with the provision of cut or fabricated rubber parts include the following:

Product OEM’s requiring cut or fabricated rubber parts can trust CRG’s extensive experience and expertise with parts made from elastomers. All parts we make are custom produced on the latest CNC equipment in our ISO 9001-certified facility. We are equally adept at handling short or large runs and can support product OEM’s over the entire product cycle, from prototyping to final production.

CRG cut and fabricated parts from plastics, non-wovens and other materials

In addition to parts and components fabricated from rubbers, CRG is supplying OEM’s with parts and components produced from non-elastomeric materials such as plastics, non-woven fabrics, EMI/RFI shielding substrates, cork, felt, and other specialty materials.

CRG capabilities in CNC plastics machining allows us to provide product OEM’s with precision machined plastic parts. These parts can be used in products to carry out important functions, such as connecting, spacing, securing, enclosing, covering and protecting, and more.

With the prevalence of electronics in products and devices, shielding electronic circuitry from the harmful effects of EMI/RFI is a primary concern for many product OEM’s. CRG can supply custom parts and components that are cut or fabricated from materials that are specially formulated to shield sensitive electronics from the harmful effects EMI/RFI interference. These parts and components can ensure that products and devices continue to perform reliably in the presence of unwanted EMI/RFI.

If you are a product OEM seeking parts or components for your product or device that are cut or fabricated from rubber, plastic or other specialty materials, CRG is your preferred supplier. To find out more about how we can service your needs, please contact our sales team directly at


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