Roof walkway mats can help protect roof surfaces when servicing rooftop equipment

A frequent aspect of facility maintenance is the servicing of equipment mounted on rooftops. During such servicing, it is important to protect the roof membrane from damage and puncture, as well as provide safe access for maintenance workers. Roof mats or, as they are sometimes called, roof walkway mats, can help provide an effective solution to these problems.

Choosing a roof mat requires consideration of a number of factors. Firstly, any mat you choose should, of course, be capable of protecting roof membranes from damage from pedestrian traffic, and the tools and equipment used during maintenance work.

Secondly, a roof mat itself should be easy to install and maintain. Roof surfaces can be notoriously uneven, and it is important to choose a mat which has the flexibility to conform to irregular and uneven surfaces.

Thirdly, a roof mat should be durable and resistant to the elements, while providing safe all-year round access regardless of weather conditions. In Canada, it is important to choose a mat that will be impact resistant in extremely cold weather, and which will withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles. A good roof mat also provides a permanent slip-resistant surface, and is self-draining to eliminate the build-up of moisture and the accumulation of mold and fungi.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. stocks and sells the Crossgrip roof mat. This PVC mat is ideal for use on flat roof surfaces where safe maintenance access is required. Crossgrip matting is designed to be completely impervious to all changes in temperature and all types of weather, an important consideration here in Canada. The matting features a diamond-cut surface for enhanced slip-resistance, and a design that permits the ready drainage of fluids.

Crossgrip matting is designed to provide a permanently slip-resistant surface, and its life expectancy will exceed that of modern flat roofing materials. The matting is functional over temperatures from -23°C to +60°C, and is stable in winds up to 150km/hr. The matting is available in the following standard sizes, as well as by the roll:

To find out more about the Crossgrip roof mat, or the other roof mats and pads we stock, contact our sales department at


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