An important application area for rubber matting is that of sports facilities, including gymnasiums, fitness centres, athletic facilities, and multi-purpose rooms. Rubber mats make excellent flooring solutions for sports-related applications. Used in these applications, rubber sports matting provides a non-absorbent and cut resistant flooring surface that stands up extremely well to wear and tear.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. is now carrying Stamina heavy-duty rubber matting for sports-related applications. Stamina is 100 per cent recycled vulcanized flooring that can be adhered, loose laid, or interlocked. The non-porous surface of Stamina rubber matting makes it an ideal flooring product for use in fitness centres, hockey arenas, free weight/fitness facilities or anywhere that a tough, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean floor is required. The matting features a smooth surface and a textured bottom.

Stamina rubber sports matting is available in five colours: black; earth; grey; red; and blue. Custom logo cutting on mats is available. Mats are available in two formats: square and interlock. Square mats are sized at 48” x 72”, while interlocking mats are sized at 46” x 69” and 22.2” x 22.2”. Both square and interlocking mats are available in three sizes: 10mm (3/8”); 12mm (1/2”); and 17mm (3/4”).

Stamina rubber sports matting is rated at 80 Shore A hardness and the matting conforms to a number of ASTM standards (see table below).

Stamina Rubber Sports Matting –   Technical Specifications

Wear level   thickness ASTM F410 >0.050 (passes)
Static load   resistance ASTM F970 0.002 (passes)
Resistance to   chemicals ASTM F925 Good
Resistance to   heat ASTM F1514 4.29 (passes)
Abrasion   resistance ASTM D3389 0.16 gr. (passes)
Dimensional   stability ASTM F2199 Across (passes)
Critical radiant   flux ASTM E648-03 No Class
Co-efficient of   friction ASTM C1028 >0.80 dry >0.64 wet
Moisture   absorption ASTM D570 0.27%
Thickness ASTM F386 Passes
Size ASTM F2055 Passes
Squareness ASTM F2055 Passes
Quality of cut ASTM F511 Passes
Qualifies LEED   points Yes
Anti-microbial /   anti-fungal properties Yes

Stamina rubber sports matting has a non-porous surface possesses a tough, slip-resistant surface. The mat has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. These mats have applicability in the following environments:

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