Teadit style 2005 packing complies with FDA and USDA requirements

Choosing a food grade pump packing for food and pharmaceutical applications requires careful consideration. Not only must the packing support the aggressive media and high temperature gradients often encountered in these applications, the packing must also be compliant with requirements and directives issued by the FDA, USDA, and other regulatory bodies as applicable.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. is now offering Teadit style 2005 pump packing which meets the requirements of FDA and USDA requirements under Title 21 Food and Drugs:

Part 177.1500 – Perflourocarbon Resins

Part 178.3570 – Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact

Manufactured using an advanced method of braiding and construction, Teadit style 2005 is a premium food grade pump packing that offers excellent performance in service. It is especially well-suited for market segments and applications that involve equipment for pulp and paper, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and sugar and alcohol. Style 2005 provides an FDA-compliant PTFE compression packing seal that protects rotating pumps and valves from fluid leaks – a vital consideration in food and pharmaceutical processing applications.

Teadit style 2005 offers excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance, while at the same time being non-contaminating. The result is excellent sealability and performance, particularly when compared with other PTFE packings currently offered in the marketplace.

Teadit style 2005 is an excellent choice for food grade or pharmaceutical applications which require a packing which meets FDA and USDA requirements.  Teadit style 2005 food grade pump packing is ideal for use in rotary food processing equipment such as pumps, dryers, blenders, blanchers, and mixers and cookers.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. carries a full line of Teadit compression packing styles, including the following:

Download our PDF showing details of the Teadit Compression Packing products we carry. For further information on Teadit style 2005 food grade pump packing, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.


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