In flanged joints, gaskets are used as a sealing element between the flange faces. When a gasket is seated between flange surfaces it “flows,” filling the imperfections between the flange faces and providing the necessary seal. Economic sealing requires that gaskets perform as intended once installed. Reducing the incidence of gasket failures is a key part of improving a facility’s sealing economics.

Gaskets fail for the following reasons:

  1. Application temperature range incompatible with the gasket material.
  2. Application pressure incompatible with the gasket material.
  3. Degradation from chemical attack.
  4. Thermal cycling incompatible with the gasket material.
  5. Incorrect measurement and sizing of the gasket.
  6. The surface finish of the flanges is incompatible with the gasket.
  7. Flange material incompatible with the gasket.
  8. Special characteristics of the equipment not addressed by the gasket.
  9. Inadequate or improper gasket assembly/installation.

When considering how to reduce the incidence of gasket failures, it is important to consider the forces that affect a gasket once installed. In flanged joints, four major forces can be identified:

Quality gaskets are designed to accommodate these forces. Effective sealing requires addressing the following factors:

CRG can help you to avoid gasket failures. Our sales team can bring our 30-years of experience to bear and help you select the right materials, properties and finishes for your application. We can provide training and support for gasket installation and inventorying, helping you to achieve economical sealing without trading off performance. To find out more about how CRG can help, please contact our sales team at


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