At CRG, we’re very focused on helping our customers have smooth, productive operations. Through the gaskets and fabricated rubber parts that we supply, customers have come to rely on CRG for a wide variety of high-quality parts produced and delivered on time, in the quantities needed.

Gaskets and fabricated rubber parts from CRG service a variety of applications. Primary application areas we serve include:

At CRG, we strive to add value for customers in the following ways:

We are customer-centric. CRG has built its business by focusing on customers and their needs. Our capabilities and processes are designed and built around customers. We don’t just offer good products and services – we put providing a great experience before and after the sale at the heart of every customer interaction and transaction.

We offer a wide materials and product portfolio. CRG is a solutions provider, not a material or product supplier. We bring together materials and technologies that provide effective solutions to our customers’ challenges. At CRG, we are highly focused on making our products the highest performing products in our industry. We carefully vet and manage our suppliers and establish working relationships with those that are most aligned with our values and customer needs.

We maintain and develop a global supply chain. To assemble our materials and product portfolio, we have partnership arrangements with quality suppliers located around the world. In addition, we are always looking to broaden our product offerings by offering customers more options for meeting their needs.

We invest in technology and innovation. We are always looking to advance our manufacturing and service capabilities by adopting the most advanced technologies and developing our people. In addition, our processes incorporate the very best thinking and practices from Lean Manufacturing to ensure efficient and fast operations.

The next time you are seeking a supplier of gaskets and fabricated rubber parts, consider CRG. To find out more about how we can service your needs, please contact our sales team at


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