Gaskets and packing used in food production applications must be incapable of passing on contamination should they come into contact with product during the manufacturing process. For this reason, gaskets and packing made from materials which conform to FDA, USDA, USP or similar directives should always be selected for these types of applications.

Often, buyers will select gaskets and packing for food and other applications based on a consideration of requirements defined by the STAMP acronym – Size, Temperature, Application, Media, and Pressure. For food applications, sanitary performance is also a key requirement, not only for good manufacturing practices but also to ensure compliance with any regulatory directives that may be in force. Overlooking the need for sanitary sealing increases the risk that product may become tainted from a contaminated seal, which could result in recalls and possible line shutdowns.

While buyers should always follow the regulatory directives that apply within their particular jurisdiction, three widely-used directives that apply to gaskets and packing used in food applications are the following:

Choosing gaskets made from materials that comply with these, or similar, directives and requirements will pay dividends in reducing the risk of contamination during production.

CRG offers gaskets and packing for food applications that are made from materials complying with US FDA and other regulations. We offer gaskets made from both solid sheet and sponge materials. Food-grade seals we can supply include the following:

Should you be seeking or sourcing gaskets and packing for food applications, CRG is your preferred source of supply. Our sales team will be pleased to review and discuss your needs and recommend the optimal solution for your particular application. To speak with a member of our sales team, please contact us directly at


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