Electric power is generated using a variety of technologies, including hydro-electric, nuclear, gas- coal- and oil-fired, and green technologies such as wind, solar and fuel cells. While there has been a move away from traditional “dirtier” sources of power generation towards greener sources, all of these technologies require gaskets and seals for the various types of equipment employed.

In recent years, the power generation market both here in Canada and abroad, has undergone considerable change. Volatility in the price of generating inputs, such as oil and gas, and increased regulatory oversight for environmental performance, have resulted in escalating costs. In addition, the move towards smaller decentralized facilities which utilize green and gas-fired generation technologies has resulted in new facility builds and increased capital expenditures for new equipment. Given these dynamics, gaskets and seals for power generation applications have a role to play in helping assure regulatory compliance and reduced operating costs.

Gaskets and seals for power generation applications that CRG can supply include the following:

From a sealing perspective, power generation applications can be characterized as both severe and critical service. Extreme pressures, temperatures, and aggressive media may be encountered, while the failure of a gasket or seal may result in hazardous emissions and personal injury. CRG maintains an extensive portfolio of sealing products that are designed to address these types of challenges. Gasket and sealing solutions we can supply include the following:

CRG gaskets and seals for power generation applications are produced using the highest-quality materials and production processes. This attention to quality and performance ensures our power generation customers enjoy superior economics, less equipment downtime, and compliance with applicable regulations. Our speed and flexibility can put replacement gaskets in customers’ hands within 24 hours in most cases. To find out more about how CRG can help with your power generation sealing needs, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.


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