An important market segment that Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) serves is those customers who require gaskets and shields for electronics applications. For over 25 years, CRGI has specialized in the manufacture and supply of die cut, water jet cut, and flex/flash cut parts for electronic devices and applications. These parts seal and shield sensitive electronics and components, assuring device integrity and product performance and reliability.

Electronics applications that we can service include the following:

To service these applications, CRGI works with both traditional and advanced materials. For the external sealing of electronic devices and enclosures, CRGI works with a wide variety of rubbers to produce seals that prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture. To create effective EMI/RFI shields, we use the latest transparent conductive films to provide effective shielding. For electrical insulating applications, we produce gaskets and seals, spacers, strips, and other customized geometries and shapes. Materials that we use include the following:

Using our advanced cutting capabilities, CRGI can fabricate complex part geometries, as well as providing parts with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing. In addition, we can provide secondary operations such as laminating, slitting, and bonding, where required. We can handle both small are large run orders equally well, as well as JIT production and emergency service when needed.

Our cutting capabilities include waterjet, flex/flash, rotary, and traditional die cutting. All parts are produced in our ISO 9001 registered facility, assuring customers of the highest possible quality. Parts prototyping is available upon request.

If you have a need for gaskets and shields for electronic applications, our sales department will be pleased to speak with you and determine your requirements. Please contact our sales department directly at


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