Customers increasingly come to CRGI for hard to find rubber products. These products range in complexity and size, from small replacement rubber parts for furniture and antiques, to large custom fabrications produced as replacement parts for industrial machinery and equipment. In every case, CRGI aims to manufacture a product that not only replaces the original part, but exceeds it in quality and performance.

Hard to Find Rubber Products from CRGI

CRGI is equally adept at manufacturing hard to find rubber products in small or large production volumes. Our large volume orders typically involve the production of custom fabricated rubber products for specialized applications. Hard to find rubber products that CRGI manufactures includes the following:

Hard to Find Rubber Products from CRGI: Materials

Materials that CRGI uses to produce hard to find rubber products include:

If you have an application that requires a hard to find rubber part, CRGI is your preferred supply partner. To find out more about how we can meet your needs and requirements, please contact our sales department at


Abrasion And High Wear Applications

Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Parts

Abrasion-resistant rubbers are especially formulated to withstand the extra wear and tear that results from mechanical abrasion Unlike standard compounds,...

Custom Fabrication

UHMW Machined Plastic Parts

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic is a versatile material that lends itself to the production of machined plastic parts UHMW machined plastic...

Custom Fabrication

Factors Affecting the Tolerances of Cut or Molded Rubber Parts

Many factors combine to affect the tolerances that can be achieved with cut or molded rubber parts Due to their inherent physical properties and...