CRG (Canada Rubber Group Inc.) is now offering flange (G-ST) and profile (G-ST-P) gaskets that make blowouts and separation a thing of the past.  Manufactured by Kroll & Ziller, these gaskets use a steel insert vulcanized to the gasket sheath that eliminates blowouts and separation, even under extreme stresses.

These next generation gaskets will be valued by those customers who are seeking to reduce their operating costs and the incidence of fugitive emission. In particular, steel mills, power plants, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, water and gas companies, and others with severe service or critical applications will value the exceptional performance and reliability of these quality gaskets.

About G-ST and G-ST-P Gaskets

G-ST and G-ST-P flange and profile gaskets employ a unique construction. G-ST gaskets have a steel insert, while G-ST-P gaskets combine the G-ST main body with a round cord ring. This static “O-ring” offers outstanding performance without requiring a cost-intensive groove to be placed on the joint surface. Once placed into service, high surface pressures transmitted from the main force of the flow are absorbed by the rigid body of the gasket.

Because it is vulcanized directly into the gasket sheath, the steel ring is protected from corrosion. In addition, since the steel ring lies parallel to the main force of the flow, it is ideally compressed against the sealing faces, even at low surface pressures. This feature also means that joint surface irregularities are easily accommodated by the gasket, and that minimum torque is required to be applied, thus preserving the material.

G-ST and G-ST-P gaskets offer an exceptional degree of operating reliability. Once in position, the gasket is sealed tight. This assured sealing advantage is especially critical for joints made of thermoplastic materials, such as PVC, PE, PP, or PVDF. Specific benefits of these gaskets include the following:

G-ST and G-ST-P Gasket Types and Materials

G-ST and G-ST-P flange and profile gaskets are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit a variety of joint materials and types. These include the following:

Fully certified to the DIN-DVGW and TUV standards, G-ST and G-ST-P gaskets are made from the highest quality materials, including the following:

If you are looking to reduce the costs associated with production disruptions, gasket rejections, and maintenance and repair, consider G-ST and G-ST-P flange and profile gaskets available from CRG. To find out more about these high-performance gaskets, please contact our sales department at


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