Rotary die cutting is an excellent method for quickly and cost-effectively producing a large number of adhesive-backed parts. At CRG, we employ rotary die cutting as a production method when large quantities of adhesive-backed parts must be cut from rubber, foam, sponge, or other thinner-gauge materials, without sacrificing part quality or dimensional precision. Rotary die cutting is a great process for producing adhesive-backed parts in volume, with the end product supplied in roll form where the parts can be easily peeled away from the material liner.

What is rotary die cutting?

How does rotary die cutting work? A rotary die cutter uses single or multiple cylindrical dies, rotating at speed, to cut materials into predefined shapes. With rotary die cutting, it is possible to perform multiple cutting operations in a single process, eliminating the need for separate processing steps or passes of material.

With rotary die cutting, complex cutting operations can be easily performed. Using this process, it is possible to produce kiss-cuts, scores and creases, perforations, or similar types of cuts where the part, but not the material liner, is cut. The process allows cutting to high degrees of accuracy and tolerancing, ensuring that parts are dimensionally correct and consistent.

High volume adhesive-backed parts from rotary die cutting

At CRG, we produce a wide range of adhesive-backed parts using rotary die cutting. Common applications we service are the production of parts for industrial, commercial or automotive end-uses. Examples of adhesive-backed parts we produce using the rotary die cutting process include the following:

With rotary die cutting, we are able to convert a range of materials into finished adhesive-backed parts. Materials that we typically convert into finished parts with rotary die cutting include: rubbers; foams; sponges; composites; foils and films; and laminates.

For many applications, rotary die cutting can ensure consistent part quality at larger production volumes. For automotive applications, CRG often supplies adhesive-backed parts in roll form for ready use and installation right at lineside. For any application, we can produce on demand or to forecast, assuring ready availability and fast order turnaround. Specialized supply arrangements are also available upon request.

All adhesive-backed parts that CRG produces via rotary die cutting are manufactured in-house at our ISO 9001:2015-certified production facility. We can handle all aspects of production, from prototyping through to final part manufacture. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist with concepts, manufacturing costs, manufacturing techniques, and material considerations and selection. To find out more about the high volume adhesive-backed parts we can supply, please contact our sales department at


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