Another interesting material type that Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is working with is laminated foils. Laminated foil is a very versatile material and has many uses in high temperature and noise reduction applications. Using laminated foils, we are able to custom fabricate a variety of products that can service applications involving either high temperatures or noise.

Laminated foils are so-named because they consist of basically combining a web or sheet of aluminum foil with one or more other materials, such as ceramic paper, sheet rubber, or foams and sponges. The resulting product is a sandwich of three or more layers that combines the properties of each of the constituent materials.

Aluminum foil as a material is conversion-friendly and lends itself to being combined and laminated with other materials. Once laminated, it can provide an effective barrier to light, moisture, gas, and magnetic waves. Laminated foil is resistant to corrosion and heat, and possesses excellent noise reduction properties. Finally, the foil layer in a laminate acts as a barrier to oxygen that could help fuel a fire, making the material an excellent choice for use in fireproof doors, building panels, and vehicle firewalls.

Laminated Foils: Applications

The primary applications for laminated aluminum foil that we focus on at CRGI are those which make use of the material’s heat reflecting and noise reduction properties. We can laminate aluminum foil from .00025 – .007” thick. The foil can be laminated to most of our product line, but generally it is applied to ceramic papers, ceramic blankets, fiberglass papers and urethane foams. Applications that can be serviced include the following:

Laminated Foils: Production Capabilities

At CRGI, we maintain a full range of capabilities for the production of laminated aluminum foil products. These include project design, prototyping and piloting, and adhesive coating, laminating, slitting, rewinding, and die/CNC cutting services. Substrates we can handle include EPDM and other rubbers, closed and open cell foams and sponges, ceramic papers, wovens, and other materials. Kanban services and JIT delivery are also available upon request. All products are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008-certified facility.

If you have a need for laminated aluminum foils, our sales department will be pleased to speak with you about your requirements. Please contact our sales department directly at


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