Sometimes we are asked about the various types of mechanical packing materials and constructions available. In this blog, we present the main types of constructions used in the manufacture of mechanical packing, as well as highlighting the main material types.

Mechanical packing: construction types

Essentially, there are 3 main construction types of mechanical packing generally available on the marketplace. Packing is manufactured in these construction types from a variety of materials, including aramid, carbon and graphite filament, flexible graphite, PTFE, and various synthetic fibers. These materials are generally application-specific, and it is important for users of packing to select the optimal material for their application at hand.

Teadit mechanical packing from CRGI

CRGI carries a full line of quality mechanical packing produced by Teadit and available in a range of styles that suit specific applications. Mechanical packing material types that we carry include the following:

If you have a mechanical packing need, our sales specialists will be pleased to speak with you to determine your application requirements. To find out more about any of the mechanical packing we can supply, please contact our sales department at


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