Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) stocks and supplies a wide variety of mechanical packing (sometimes called compression packing), manufactured by Teadit. This high quality mechanical packing supports a wide range of applications and service conditions, providing users with unmatched reliability and performance.

Types of Teadit mechanical packing we can supply include the following styles:

Aramid Yarn

Style 2003 – PTFE with aramid corners.

Style 2004 – aramid yarn with PTFE.

Style 2017 – expanded PTFE with graphite and aramid corners.

Style 2044 – spun aramid yarn with PTFE.

Style 2070 – expanded PTFE graphite yarn with aramid core.

Carbon Fiber and Graphite

Style 2236 – flexible graphite with Inconel wire jacket (low emission).

Style 2000 – flexible graphite.

Style 2001 – graphite yarn, graphite filled.

Style 2002 – carbon yarn, graphite filled.

Style 2000IC – flexible graphite, wire reinforced.

Style 2202 – flexible graphite with carbon corners.

Style 2103T – carbon yarn, PTFE impregnated.

Style 2214 – High temp, non-asbestos, valve stem packing.

Expanded PTFE

Style 2005 – expanded PTFE yarn, dry.

Style 2006 – expanded PTFE yarn, FDA approved (lubricated).

Style 2017 – expanded PTFE with graphite and aramid corners.

Style 2020 – PTFE FDA premium pump packing.

Synthetic Yarn

Style 2019 – synthetic yarn with PTFE, lubricated.

Style 2030 – meta-aramid with PTFE and mineral oil.

Style 2255 – synthetic yarn graphite, lubricated.

Style 2777 – novoloid fiber, PTFE impregnated.


Style 2007 – expanded PTFE with graphite.

Style 2070 – expanded PTFE graphite yarn, with aramid core.


Style 2138 – ramie yarn, paraffin impregnated.

Style 2421 – ramie yarn, PTFE impregnated.

To find out more about the mechanical packing we can supply, please contact our sales department directly at


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