Readers of our recent blog on expanded PTFE gasket tape will be familiar with Teadit style 24BB tape, supplied by Canada Rubber Group (CRG). In this blog, we introduce Teadit style 25BI tape, a multi-directionally expanded PTFE gasket tape, and discuss the differences and benefits offered by this type of tape.

Teadit 25BI Multi-Directionally Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape

Teadit 25BI, due to its excellent malleability and adaptability, is particularly well-suited to compensate for irregularities or damage on the sealing surfaces, as well as for all stress-sensitive joints. A special manufacturing process results in almost equal tensile strength in both the longitudinal and cross-direction of the tape. As a result of this property, 25BI tape does not change its width when under compressive load. This stands in contrast to normally expanded PTFE tapes.

Due to its ability to maintain width under load, Teadit 25BI PTFE gasket tape is extremely well-suited as a gasket material for narrow sealing areas and in all applications where a defined gasket width (under load) is required. Typical applications that 25BI tape can service include enamelled and glass flanges, heat exchangers, large flanges and containers, pressure vessels, suction filters and strainers, etc.

Style 25BI Tape: Applications

Advantages that Teadit 25BI gasket tape offers to customers are the following:

Style 25BI gasket tape is thermally stable from –240°C up to +260°C, and up to 310°C for short periods. The tape is chemically inert against most substances over the entire 0 to 14 pH range, including the most aggressive acids and alkalis – excepting molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperatures and pressures.

CRG can supply Teadit 25BI gasket tape in spool lengths of 15, 25 and 50 feet. Other spool lengths are available upon request. To find out more about Teadit 25BI multi-directionally expanded PTFE gasket tape, please contact our sales department at


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