Non-asbestos gaskets cut from a variety of non-asbestos materials readily available

The concerns about environmental impacts have rightfully shifted the fluid sealing industry away from the use of asbestos-based gaskets. Today, there is no need to use gaskets made from asbestos-based materials – the advent of restructured PTFE, flexible graphite, and other non-asbestos sheet gasket materials have all but eliminated to the need to use asbestos gaskets.

We manufacture all our non-asbestos gaskets from premium sheet material supplied by leading suppliers such as Teadit. These sheets are designed to service a variety of applications, including those involving severe and non-severe service. We can cut and supply non-asbestos gaskets from the following Teadit materials:

All our gaskets are precision cut using the latest fabricating technology. We can handle large-volume orders or small-lot runs. Rapid order turnaround and emergency service are our specialty. To find out more about the gaskets we can cut and supply from any of the above materials, contact our sales department at


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