Value-adding rubber products from a wide range of materials

At Canada Rubber Group Inc., we are always looking to add value to our clients. A key enabler of our value-add to customers is the extensive inventory of materials we maintain. This wide lineup of materials allows us to fabricate a diverse array of rubber products and parts that service our customers’ applications and needs.

We cultivate and maintain direct relationships with material suppliers across the country and around the world.  These suppliers furnish us with the very finest rubbers, foam, sponge and other materials from which we fashion our products.

Our supply relationships and extensive material inventory is at the heart of our value-add to customers. These allow us to:

For over 25 years, we have successfully served our customers’ needs by supplying the finest gaskets, seals, and fabricated rubber products. Over that time, we’ve invested in the CNC machining and advanced fabrication equipment to assure conformance to the strictest tolerances. Equally importantly, we’ve invested in people – training and developing the skilled production personnel who can transform your most challenging needs into great finished products. Beyond producing your product, consider these value-added extras that we can offer:

For more information on how we can add value to your operation through our products and services, contact our sales department at


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