Increasingly, governments at all levels are encouraging the use of mass transit to reduce road congestion and the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. As mass transit becomes more popular as a way to get about, transit authorities are under increasing pressure to maintain their fleets of buses, trains, and other fleet vehicles.

The maintenance and repair of mass transit fleet vehicles often requires fleet operators to replace worn rubber parts. While the vehicle OEM can often supply these parts, an experienced custom fabricator like CRG can supply the same parts at lower cost.

Rubber Products for Mass Transit Applications: Low Flame, Smoke and Toxicity

Rubber products for mass transit applications must not only meet the specifications of the OEM, but also conform to regulatory requirements. In particular, rubber products must meet regulatory requirements for flame, smoke and toxicity (FST). Using rubber compounds that meet standards for low FST ensures that passenger safety will not be compromised by smoke or toxic gases released in the event of an accident.

CRG Rubber Products for Mass Transit Applications

CRG can supply a wide variety of rubber products for mass transit applications that are produced using low-FST rubbers. These rubbers meet published standards for low FST, including those published by ASTM, the US Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and others. Rubber products for mass transit applications that CRG can fabricate and supply include the following:

Mass transit authorities carrying out vehicle repair and refurbishment are under increasing pressure to do so cost effectively. For this reason, buyers of mass transit MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) rubber parts are concerned about procurement costs. CRG can help reduce these costs by providing parts which are often lower in cost than OEM-supplied replacement parts. A further advantage is that by dealing with a custom fabricator like CRG, one can avoid the higher minimum order quantities that are often imposed when buying OEM-supplied parts.

All products produced by CRG are manufactured in our ISO 9001-certified facility. We employ the latest CNC production technology, including waterjet, and flex/flash cutting. These capabilities ensure that all parts we make are of the highest quality and conform fully to customer specifications.

With over 25-years’ experience in fabricating custom rubber products for the automotive and industrial markets, CRG sales specialists can help you select the right rubber for your mass transit application. We provide a complete portfolio of support services and can assist with CAD drawings if required. To find out more about the rubber products for mass transit applications that CRG can supply, contact our sales team directly at


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