With the continued growth of cities and urban centers across the globe, there is an increased demand for mass transit to help move people quickly and efficiently within and between these areas. The growth in mass transit services takes many forms: underground, light rail, regional rail and bus, and high-speed inter-city rail. Engineering and building transportation solutions that are both safe and reliable requires high-performance materials such as silicone rubber for rail and mass transit applications.

Silicone Rubber for Rail and Mass Transit Applications: Properties

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) supplies a wide array of products made from silicone rubbers and sponges for rail and mass transit applications. The silicone rubber for rail and mass transit applications we supply has the following advantages:

Low smoke and low toxicity. Silicone rubber for rail and mass transit applications especially formulated to produce low smoke and toxicity in the event of a fire. These properties help ensure passenger safety.

Wide serviceable temperature range.  CRGI supplies silicone rubbers and sponges which service a wide range of temperatures, from -60°C up to +230°C (250°C intermittently). We use these materials to fabricate products which have excellent sealing properties in applications that generate high heat, such as HVAC and LED lighting systems within bus and train interiors.

Resistance to UV, ozone and weathering. Silicone rubber and sponge possesses excellent resistance to UV, ozone and moisture. These properties help ensure that the material has excellent performance in outdoor conditions, thus helping to keep electrical enclosures and lighting systems dry and free from the ingress of dust.

Low compression set. Silicone rubber and sponge has a low retention of deformation after being placed under compressive load. This means the material continues to provide excellent sealing properties under repetitive use.

Silicone Rubber for Rail and Mass Transit Applications: Uses

CRGI fabricates products from silicone rubber and sponge that have a wide variety of uses in rail and mass transit applications. These include the following:

Interior Applications

Exterior Applications

For further information on CRGI silicone rubber for rail and mass transit applications, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.


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